Need a structural engineer to help with your renovation or addition? We are here to help.

K.H. Davis Engineering Consultants Ltd are specialists in the design and construction of houses and small buildings. We work for homeowners (yes, do-it-yourself renovators are welcome!), contractors, architects, realtors and property managers. In fact, we probably do more site consultations and design project for homeowners than any other structural firm in Toronto. We have done over 3000 residential projects since we started in 1999.

Watch for us on popular home improvement shows, such as Leave it to Bryan, Disaster DIY, Income Property and read our reviews on HomeStars.

Most projects are for older buildings of varying construction. We have seen it all, so don’t be shy about calling us to discuss your project.

“…When you call our firm, you will speak to someone that is interested in your small project…”

If you are thinking about removing load-bearing walls, adding a third storey addition, or lowering a basement, we can provide you with a Site Consultation and then prepare the building permit drawings that you may need for your project.

Many of our clients have a specific problem with their home, such as sloping floors or cracked walls, and they need solid, professional advice on how to move forward.

We are experts at solving problems with houses, both old and new. Our staff are qualified to provide all required design services for buildings which fall under Part 4 (Structural Design) and Part 3 & 9 (Houses and Small Buildings) of the Ontario Building Code; people come to us for help when they need a structural engineer on a house project or when their project has run into difficulties.

But we do more than structural… we design renovations too…

“…every Contractor that we spoke to had a different opinion, so we went to DAVIS for advice…”
“…our Architectural Technologists can design your renovation from start to finish… and bring your ideas to reality…”

We are often referred by Home Inspectors and other Structural Firms that don’t have specialty knowledge of houses.

We are licensed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario and we carry $1,000,000 of errors and omissions insurance to protect our clients. Please feel free to call us to discuss your project.

Commitment To Quality

K.H. Davis Engineering Consulting is committed to providing quick turnaround and highly practical and cost-effective solutions to all of your engineering & design requirements.

We are regularly commended on our customer service and our relaxed approach to dealing with difficult technical matters, even on small projects. We are ready to answer your technical questions and assist you and your contractor in understanding the design that we provide. We will support you at all stages of your construction project.

We work closely with the design-build industry; we understand the need for speed… especially during construction which must keep moving ahead at all times to avoid costly delays. Our reputation depends upon keeping your project moving forward without delays.



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