The Team

Our People, Our Guarantee

All of our projects are supervised by one of our in-house design Professionals.

Mr. Ken Davis, P. Eng., Founder and designated Consulting Engineer leads our team of Engineers and Architectural Technologists and is increasingly involved in providing Expert Reports regarding Design and Construction related Litigation matters that relating to Building Code Violations and Construction Claims in the House Construction arena. Ken’s extensive design history includes the design of thousands of custom homes, bridges, and structural steel buildings of all types, including explosion restraint structures used in the manufacturing industry.

Mr. Kevin Williams, P. Eng., brings his 25 years of Structural Design expertise (formerly with Viceroy Homes) to the firm, supervising much of the day-to-day structural engineering services delivered by the firm, and providing “one-of” Structural Consultations on-site to our clients.

Mr. Jomar Manzano, P. Eng., PMP, joined KH Davis in 2021 after working for over 13 years on Residential, Commercial, and Municipal projects. Jomar brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the firm and is also a designated Project Management Professional ( PMP ) to help keep our project team on track.

We are committed to a “lifetime of learning” and to keeping abreast of changes in our field, through membership in local and national professional associations.

We insure all design projects against any unforeseen errors or omissions; the firm carries $1,000,000 of insurance to protect our Clients.

Although our Professional Engineers stamp supersedes the need for a BCIN number, K. H. Davis Engineering Consultant is Bill 124 compliant for Small Buildings and Legal Process. All design is done in-house by our engineers and technologists – we are here to serve you and ensure that your project moves forward!

Our Team

Ken Davis P.Eng.

Ken Davis P.Eng.

Ken Davis P.Eng. is a consulting engineer and the president of K.H. Davis Consulting Engineers Inc and has been practicing for 31 years.

After Graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1989, Ken worked as a Structural Engineer on various international heavy industrial project for Hatch, as well as on various transportation related projects, including heavy and light rail transit projects and highway bridge design to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Ken was seconded to TTC Engineering to assist with railway tunnel alignment work for various Subway expansion projects in the mid 90’s and later joined Maple Reinders as a Project Engineer where he worked on a multitude of light industrial warehouse type projects before founding KH Davis Engineering Consultants in 1999.

Since that time, Ken has consulted on thousands of residential structural engineering projects in the Toronto Area and has been seen on numerous Home Improvement television shows on HGTV. Ken occasionally provides expert witness reports for construction litigation purposes and regularly provides homeowner advocacy services to clients and contractors who have run into problems with construction projects.

In his time spare, Ken enjoys long evening walks and renovating his home…when he is not busy with his 3 daughters and 1 son.

Alex Oleksandr Masyuk

Alex Oleksandr Masyuk

Alex Oleksandr Masyuk is a Structural Designer with over 25 years of experience. He has experience with structural design and drafting of residential, commercial, and industrial building projects. In his spare time, Alex enjoys reading and hiking.

Jomar Manzano P.Eng.

Jomar Manzano P.Eng. PMP.

Jomar Manzano P.Eng. PMP is a licensed Structural Engineer and Project Manager Professional with over 13 years of experience. He specializes in structural design and project management of residential, commercial, and industrial building projects. In addition to designing homes and custom renovations, Jomar is a jack of all trades with a diverse work history including construction site management of bridge projects, structural assessments of potash mines, concrete repairs of water treatment facilities, and custom designs for art installations. In his spare time, Jomar bakes, bikes, reads, and plays video games.

Kevin Williams P.Eng.

Kevin Williams P.Eng.

Kevin Williams P.Eng. is a licensed Structural Engineer with over 21 years of experience. He specializes in the structural design of residential and light commercial buildings, construction site reviews and tailored home consultations. In his spare time, Kevin likes to BBQ, tend to his garden, and walk the dog.

Niloufar Soltani B.Arch

Niloufar Soltani B.Arch.

Niloufar Soltani B.Arch. BCIN is the Manager of Architectural Technology and has over 11 years of experience. She specializes in Architectural design and Project Co-ordination of Residential/Commercial under Small Buildings, and is experienced with design of houses, Toronto Zoning bylaws, Minor Variance Hearings, and OBC design for Small buildings. In her spare time, Niloufar likes to read, go hiking, and play board games.

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