Typical Construction Projects

  • Removing Bearing Wall
  • Underpinning and Benching
  • Installing New Support Beams
  • Restoring and Fixing Structural Problems of all types in Houses and Small Buildings
  • Strengthening Existing Structures
  • Building small and large additions and renovations to existing homes
  • Constructing Engineered Retaining Walls

Since 1999, our engineering company, K. H. Davis Engineering Consultants Ltd (Architectural Home Designers and Consulting Structural Engineers) has been providing Structural Engineering Design, Home Design, and Project Management Services on all types of buildings for Architects, Contractors, and Private Clients.

Following a huge demand for our Project Management services, we started KH Davis Construction to serve our design clients during the construction phase of their projects.

Each year, we take on approximately 15 construction projects of varying size and complexity. Through our sister company, K H Davis Construction Ltd, we are able to ensure that the construction of somewhat more complicated projects is carried out correctly and in accordance with our design intent.

Our projects are managed by Mr. Ken Davis, P. Eng., and our sub-contractors are handpicked from an experienced group of contractors that we have developed relationships with over the past 15 years.

One Stop Shopping!

A large proportion of our clients are busy professionals who would prefer to deal with one firm from start-to-finish – this is one of the benefits of coming to K.H. Davis for a comprehensive design and construction package. The other benefit is that your project will be supervised by a Consulting Engineering Firm that specializes in the design and construction of single family homes.

This does not rule-out the do-it-yourself Contractor as one of our Clients. Rather, we are regularly asked to carry out all of the structural related work on a home renovation project so that our client can act as their own Contractor for all of the non-structural finishing work. It is the finishing work which is generally more easily carried out by a homeowner or a small neighborhood Contractor.

In this regard, many General Contractors prefer NOT to do the heavy structural components of home renovation projects, and they like the fact that they can come to K.H. Davis Engineering Consultants Ltd for the structural engineering of the new beams for a project AND have us install those beams (under KH Davis Construction Ltd)

K. H. Davis Engineering Consultants Ltd can take care of all of the Engineering, Design, Permitting, and Construction Supervision aspects of your work, while KH Davis Construction Ltd can act as your Builder and Project Manager.

Regardless of the scope of work that you require, one Project Manager takes care of all of your design and construction needs, and serves as the single point-person responsible for the execution of your project.

Our Approach

We deliver construction services in one of the following ways:

1. Fixed-Price Quotation for a defined scope of work: In this scenario, the scope of work is always very well defined, and we provide a fixed price quotation for the work. This is done for projects have in a construction value of between $10K (smallest project value that we take on) and $150K. In this type of project, our overhead and profit is included in our price.

2. Cost-Plus Proposal for Construction Management Services: For larger, more complex projects, we offer our services in the following way:

  • Each major cost component of your project is identified and priced on a line-by-line basis – you pay for each component plus a percentage (typically around 25%) of our actual cost. There is full transparency – you see our actual cost for each component and you are billed for that cost plus the agreed-to percentage. Hence the “cost-plus” expression.
  • We also charge you for miscellaneous expenses incurred by our Project Manager. This usually includes mileage, miscellaneous material costs that we must purchase directly, costs for specialty services needed during the construction process, such as specialty testing, etc. In most cases, an hourly or weekly fee is charged for the cost of the Project Manager. Again, all project costs are transparent to you and are charged back to you on a “cost-plus” basis.

Regardless of the way you wish to approach a project, we find that the total overall cost is approximately the same. What differs relates to the levels of risk that each party is prepared to undertake….as explained below:

As you can imagine, when we prepare a Fixed Price quotation, we must make sure that we have all possible cost accounted for in our pricing, and for that reason fixed price work is inherently more risky for us (from a financial point-of-view) since we are obliged to deliver the work for the agreed-to fixed price. If we forget to carry costs for some small items, we are obliged to still provide it as part of our Fixed Price quotation.

When we work on a Cost-Plus basis, our costs are all covered regardless, so there very little risk to us – and this approach allows us to take on more complex and unusual projects that are difficult to estimate. Some projects that are inherently complicated can only be done on a Cost-Plus basis.

Each method of project delivery has pro’s and con’s, and we are happy to discuss either approach for your project.

Remember, it is also important that you have reasonably complete design drawings prepared prior to obtaining construction proposals for any project – otherwise it is just not possible (for anyone) to provide a truly meaningful and accurate construction proposal for your project.

Conflict of Interest

Since we are Professional Engineers, we are careful to avoid any perceived conflict of interest between the “construction” part of our work, and the “construction supervision” part of our work. We recognize that our role as Structural Engineers and Architectural Technologists must never be compromised by the financial pressures of the contracting business; and it is for this reason that we have two, independent (but related) companies involved in all of our design-build projects. We always invite our design clients to obtain competitive quotations from other construction companies for the work that we design, and we are happy to provide our clients with “just design”, or “just construction” services on their projects.

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